"Before Mark came along, I disliked negotiating my contracts. It was stressful for many reasons – e.g. How much do I ask for? How do I approach the situation? How do I phrase this? I never thought it was possible but with Mark’s help negotiating became exciting and unexpectedly fun. Mark made sure that I did not do anything I was not comfortable with but based on his confidence, experience, and data. I’m glad I listened to his advice. He was there for me when situations came up and guided me through everything. In the end I got a better offer than what I was originally going to accept. The best thing about Mark is that he truly enjoys the process and thrives on helping fellow colleagues gain confidence along with tangible benefits for their new professional chapter. I strongly recommend Mark Phebus – he’s great!"

Truc Ly N. Tran, O.D.
Southern College of Optometry '12

"I was really impressed with the analytically driven, experience based approach Dr. Phebus took when providing me with advice on my contract negotiations. While most people are afraid to counter an employment offer, his guidance and expertise make it easy and comfortable to do so. At the end of the day, I highly recommend utilizing Dr. Phebus as a resource for all employment contract related discussions and negotiations."

Ryan Corte, O.D.

Ohio State College of Optometry '12

“Working with Mark was a great experience. He helped me understand each detail of the contract, determine my true value to the practice, and also how to objectively prove that worth to the prospective employer.”

Paul Hammond, O.D.
Illinois College of Optometry '15

“Mark makes contract negotiation easy! I was incredibly impressed with his detailed breakdown of my contract as well as his knowledge of appropriate compensation and benefit packages. He was incredibly professional, offered sound advice, and really helped to make the process as stress-free as possible. I can’t recommend him enough!”

Michaela Novak, O.D.
Illinois College of Optometry '08

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